Dee Greenberg has been practicing yoga since the age of 17.
In 1970 as a Junior in high school, Dee's first yoga teacher, Mrs. Berger was a suburban housewife. Dee will never forget that first yoga experience which was totally unexpected and spontaneous. Dee learned how to practice the Sun Salutation and yoga headstand. She took to the practice like a fish to water and immediately began practicing at home every chance she got. In addition she purchased a paperback book on the subject and began to learn both yoga breathing and meditation.

Fast forward to her sophomore year in college at SUC New Paltz. There was a free, daily sundown yoga class on campus, provided by the renunciates at a local Kundalini Ashram. The leader's name was Sunder and he arrived with a group of followers all dressed in white cotton clothing and all wearing head coverings. The mood in the room was one of deep devotion with a strong spiritual vibe. Dee had never experienced anything remotely like this before and she quickly became enamored with this very powerful and energizing yoga practice. She began attending classes daily whenever possible.

End of Part 1 (Dee's Bio) Part 2 coming soon!
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