Thursday @10:15 - 11:30
Beginners Kripalu Yoga

3618 S Ocean Blvd, Highland Beach, FL 33487

We are hosted at The Highland Beach Library in their spacious Community Room featuring a beautiful hardwood floor and state of the art sound system. This is an all levels yoga class that caters to beginners and we welcome those who have never done yoga before. Seniors encouraged to attend. There is a strong focus in this class on mastering the basics which are reviewed every week for newcomers. More experienced students are strongly encouraged to consistently take on new challenges in their practice.
$10 Drop In - Cash only

Wed. @6PM - Yoga 101: Foundations of Yoga
Family Yoga Zen Zone - 1201 N. Federal Hwy. Delray Beach, 33483

Dee Greenberg will lead a moderate paced class, welcoming to both beginners and experienced students. You will be encouraged to go at your own pace and modify poses when needed. We'll focus on fundamental poses and practices. This will include some continuous flow as well as static poses. No experience needed. $10 - Class & Child care $5 if needed.

Wed. @7PM - Breath of Life -Meditation for Everyone
Family Yoga Zen Zone - 1201 N. Federal Hwy. Delray Beach, 33483

You will be introduced to various meditation techniques and tools that will allow you to experience a deep sense of relaxation and contentment. The class combines the practices of deep yoga breathing with some gentle stretches to release physical tension in the body. Dee Greenberg will teach you how to both utilize the breath and to practice breath awareness as a catalyst to transform your consciousness. In addition you will be encouraged to take the meditation practice out of the studio and into the world to begin to transform various aspects of your life.
$10 - Class & Child care $5 if needed.

Sat. 9 AM - Vinyasa Flow with Dee
Family Yoga Zen Zone - 1201 N. Federal Hwy. Delray Beach, 33483

We focus on the coordination of movement and breath while flowing seamlessly between postures in a continuous flow. Includes standing poses, inversions, arm balances, twists and balancing poses. Builds endurance, stamina, strength and flexibility. Come and join the flow! $10 - Class & Child care $5 if needed.

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