Thursday @10:15 - 11:30
Beginners Kripalu Yoga

3618 S Ocean Blvd, Highland Beach, FL 33487

We are hosted at The Highland Beach Library in their spacious Community Room featuring a beautiful hardwood floor and state of the art sound system. This is an all levels yoga class that caters to beginners and we welcome those who have never done yoga before. Seniors encouraged to attend. There is a strong focus in this class on mastering the basics which are reviewed every week for newcomers. More experienced students are strongly encouraged to consistently take on new challenges in their practice.
$10 Drop In - Cash only

The Highland Beach Library will be CLOSED on Thursday Nov. 27, 2019 for Thanksgiving.

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Freestyle Dance Movement - Yoga Community Dance Jam

Express from the core of your being with freestyle dance movement. Please arrive by 2:45 to settle into the space and sign in. The flow begins promptly at 3 PM. We begin with lightly guided stretches, breathing and grounded movements, down on the carpeted floor. We create intentions for a conscious dance experience.

As the vibe gradually brightens we rise up onto the dance floor for instructor led, lightly guided dance movement and begin to surrender to the rhythm of the drums. Moving through all 7 chakras we move towards total surrender as the rhythm begins to carry us into uncharted waters. Dancing alone, with a partner or in groups, we are healed by music, movement and rhythm. Dance Facilitator and DJ, Dee Greenberg offers her eclectic mix of World Beats, Reggae, Hip Hop, Rock, Drum Rhythms, Latin and more - all for your dancing pleasure.

After a high energy peak, we begin to allow our energy to drop back down to Mother Earth as we prepare the body, mind, spirit for shavasana on the carpet and we allow for the release and transformative flow of the prana (vital energy). We rest in total stillness, inviting pleasant sensations, inner harmony, peace and surrender. We close in circle formation with quiet meditation and chanting OM.

Wear comfortable clothing - Dance barefoot or bring clean, soft soled indoor shoes - stay hydrated. Quiet talking only on the outskirts of the dance floor. We respect everyone's internal process - We create a Judgment Free Zone.

For info on Yoga Community Dance Jam - call / text Dee - 561-245-1273

For more info please call Dee @561-245-1273 or email
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